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Woodstock, CT, December, 2010

I think it's important to emphasize the fact that Woodstock purchases a higher percentage of green power than what is required by the state; 10 times more. This means that Woodstock is purchasing 100% Clean Renewable Energy and saving taxpayer's money at the same time; over $27,000.00/yr. With a usage of over 1.4 million kWh's per year, Woodstock has converted that usage into Clean Renewable Energy and is proud to support our efforts here is the US to increase production of Clean Renewable energy.

The breakdown of Clean Renewable Energy is 80% Wind from the wind farms in PA and 20% Hydro, from the hydro plants in CT. As a result, Woodstock became a Green Power Partner and is now among the EPA's Leadership Club in the effort to protect our environment and to bring public awareness to this important effort. Woodstock is the "first" and only "town" in the state of CT to purchase 100% Clean Renewable Energy for all of it's municipal buildings and public schools.

We want to thank the CT Clean Energy Program for making this opportunity available. It is through their efforts that communities, municipalities, businesses and residents can become more aware and further educated in ways to protect our environment through the purchase Clean Renewable Energy. Woodstock believes we can make a difference by setting an example.

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