A Guidebook to Energy Efficient Appliances

Website: http://www.appliancepartspros.com

When it comes to appliances, making purchasing decisions can be difficult. One must consider when to replace an old appliance and purchase a new one. Many people forget to keep in mind that the cost of the new appliance does not stop when it leaves the store. In order to operate it, energy must also be purchased on a continual basis. That being said, it is wise to invest in an energy efficient appliance that will save money in the long run. Several factors make today’s greener machines more effective, including more efficient motors that cycle on less frequently and machines that are better insulated such as the newer water heaters.

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Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF)

Website: www.ctenergyinfo.org or www.ctsavesenergy.org
Phone: 1-877-WISEUSE

  • The following programs change based on funding so please contact the Fund directly
  • Rebates and assistance funded by natural gas and electric ratepayers
  • List of state and Federal tax incentives also available on above websites

Residential Heating and Electricity Efficiency programs (see contact info above)

  • Home Energy Solutions- in-home efficiency services and rebates for renters and owners heating with natural gas, electricity, and oil. $75 for all customers for 2008/09
  • Limited Income-WRAP and UI Helps- free in-home efficiency assistance (all heating fuels)
  • New construction program- design help and appliance discounts

Lighting is discounted in participating stores and through the Smart Living Catalog
SmartLiving Catalog: http://www.efi.org/smartliving/ or order toll-free at 800-527-4448

EnergyStar indirect or on-demand natural gas hot water heater- $300 rebate
Central AC- rebate available- $500 for 14.5 SEER/12.5 EER rated
Geothermal heat pumps- $500 per ton (up to $1500) for ARI-rated geothermal systems
Gas and Oil Furnace Rebate- $500 rebate for Energy Star gas furnace or 84% efficient oil unit call OPM at 1-866-940-4676 and click on “Furnace Replacement Rebate” at http://ct.gov/opm/


Connecticut Housing Investment Fund (CHIF)

Website: www.chif.org
Phone: 1-800-992-3665

  • Low-interest home improvement loans up to $25,000 (income limited) over 10 years
  • Financing available for windows, doors, insulation, EnergyStar appliances, solar systems, replacement roof, etc.

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF)

Website: http://www.ctcleanenergy.com/
Phone: (860) 563-0015

  • Funded by electric ratepayers to support renewable electricity generation

Solar photovoltaic (electric) rebates (out of funding until July 2010) No CT sales/property tax.
Financing- solar electricity lease program- no upfront $ www.ctsolarlease.com Solar hot water heating incentives coming, contact Clean Energy Fund. No CT sales/property tax.


CT Clean Energy Options and CT Clean Energy Communities

Website: www.ctcleanergyoptions.com and www.ctcleanenergy.com/communities/
Sign-up to support clean, renewable electricity for just a few dollars per month. Residential signups help earn free solar panels for towns which join the 20% by 2010 clean energy campaign.

Composting and Organics Recycling

Organic materials that are kept separate from the trash are highly recyclable and should be thought of as a resource, not a waste. Significant increases in recycling rates can be achieved through composting and other organics recycling efforts. The Connecticut DEP has successfully focused efforts on establishing large-scale leaf composting facilities, promoting home composting and grasscycling, and sponsoring pilot programs to compost organics at schools and other institutions.

Download: How BioMass Energy Works

See more at: Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)