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Welcome to Woodstock CT Green Energy PDF Print E-mail

This web site is being developed so that the community can be more informed on ways to help conserve energy and to also learn about alternative renewable energy resources.

The Green Energy Team was officially established in 2008 as a town appointed committee whose primary responsibility includes the investigation of renewable energy options and ways the town and community can conserve energy. Woodstock is a member of the CT Clean Energy Program and the seven member team meets the first Tuesday of every month.

Woodstock 'Going Green' is a program of the town of Woodstock, dedicated to supporting, encouraging and assisting Woodstock residents, businesses and town municipalities to reduce our impact on the environment through conservation and increased use of green energy options. No members benefit or receive monetary compensation for our efforts.  Our contribution is voluntary and our only rewards are what we can successfully contribute toward a cleaner environment for those future generations that follow.

Being the first town in CT means that ONLY the Municipal Buildings and Public Schools have switched to purchase 100% clean renewable energy. This does not mean that individual homeowners and businesses are included. Every homeowner and business needs to switch on their own and we encourage you to do so right here on our website. This helps Woodstock earn more free PV panels for the middle school and your contribution will benefit you in lowering your energy costs, as well as, helping to provide a cleaner environment. Click here to join.

Home Energy Resource Sheet
Summary of Residential Incentives and Financing Assistance

Solarize Woodstock webpage

Woodstock's Solar Brownfield Installation

Woodstock Green Energy Commission recently donated a Dual Electric Car Charging Station to

Sweet Evalina's

Woodstock Celebrates Becoming a Green Community

With this recent acceptance, Woodstock has reached it's goal in achieving a 'Green Energy Community' status with the CCEF program... download letter. Our goals continue to increase community memberships in the purchase of clean energy and to also move forward with the installation of PV.

Woodstock, along with many other communities, has passed a resolution to commit to the state mandates for a 20% reduction by 2020, as a result, we will be organizing our information and posting it here for all to read and use in the push for a cleaner environment. Read more about the Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program and what you can do to save and conserve energy.

Did you know that the current average electricity production mix for New England CL&P customers is 36% natural gas, 32% nuclear, 11% oil, 8% coal, 3% hydro, 5% imported power and 5% other sources?  Seems a better choice is one that provides Wind, Solar and Hydro, without the negative impact on our environment that gas, nuclear, oil and coal produce and whose by-products are released into our atmosphere. Be smart - Be clean!

View the list of current Generation Suppliers - CLICK HERE!


In a recent letter from the EPA, it reads, "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would like to thank the Town of Woodstock, CT for making a significant green power purchase. Your commitment, and those of other Green Power Partners, helps to reduce the risks associated with climate change by supporting technologies that are more sustainable for businesses and communities."

We look forward to the support and resources, which are now made available to Woodstock, from the EPA. A list of these resources can be view by clicking here.

NEW on our site - ONLINE FORUM

We've just added a FORUM for people to post questions to. This FORUM will address any issue regarding renewable energy (RE) including ways to obtain different types of RE, RE choices, how to get your town involved in RE and where to get funding for RE projects.

With this forum, you'll be able to get replies and responses to postings from all over and everyone benefits from the answers. It's a great way to build a knowledge-base.

Register with the Forum and be a part of the RE community if you're not already. Provide answers and solutions for others with your specialized knowledge or just simply ask a question. As a subscriber, you'll be notified automatically when someone has responded to your post.


On September 24, 2011 join people from across the state and a fast-growing coalition of civic organizations, faith communities, non-profits and businesses as we converge on New Haven with one common goal: Moving Connecticut past fossil fuels toward a brighter future and a healthier planet.


Our commission has been hard at work during the past year to bring Solar Power to Woodstock.  As some of you may have already noticed, the Volunteer Fire Station on Rte 169 is the first of our efforts. Yesterday, DCS Energy finished the 9 kW Solar Photovoltaic installation on the roof and they will be making the final connection to the main converter today.  In talking to the installers yesterday, the panels are already generating electricity, so caution in handling the connection is ever so important.

This is one of FOUR locations in Woodstock that has received a 9 kW Solar Photovoltaic installation. The others are:

  • Town Hall (ground mounts)
  • Highway Garage (ground mounts)
  • Elementary School 4 room classroom (roof)

FireHouse InstallationIn addition to these, there is also a 4 kW system installed on the roof of the Middle School from the FREE Solar Installation awarded Woodstock for our participation in the CT Clean Energy Program.

We are excited that Woodstock has become proactive in helping reduce the use of fossil fuels and more importantly that we are setting an example for others to follow in helping to save our environment by supporting clean renewable energy.

Woodstock's solar panels are generating electricity!

Click here to view a website that breaks our productivity at the Town Hall down by the day, quarter, etc. as well as pointing out the resource equivalent of what we're NOT using!  Click on "more data" on the upper left side to see other interesting facts. Still curious?  Information is also available about the solar panels at the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Association, Highway Garage and the Woodstock Elementary School!

Have a PV Solar or Wind installation already? Email me your photos and I'll post them on our site so others can see what Woodstock residents are doing.